Christi Kendall

An Independent Certified Practitioner, Instructor




Mindset Coach, Christi Kendall, empowers Entrepreneurs, Executives and Women who desire excellence, to create an advanced mindset and Align To Success.
Christi is a Master Life Coach, Advanced Thetahealing™ Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Gifted Intuitive, Certified with the International Board of Coaches and Practitioners. Christi utilizes many professional, spiritual and practical tools to assist her clients to create excellence and results.

With her background in Interior Design and her multi award winning sales performances she consistently ranked in the top 1% nationwide out of over 2000 sales reps and consistently sold over 1.3 million in revenue per year. Christi now coaches others to Excellence, an Aligned Mindset and Extraordinary results.


"In over twenty years of intense therapy with some of New Yorks Leading therapists, spending at times over $450.00 a session I never experienced the level of healing I’ve experienced with Christi."

Roya Yaghoobian
New York

"Working with Christi has been the most meaningful, valuable and life-changing investment I have ever made in myself and my personal growth. Thank you Christi Kendall!"

Natalie Paulson
Vancouver Washington

"Six months ago I was depressed, broke, working a dead end job that had toxic energy, and was so confused! After Christi’s program and 3 months later, I am working full time in my dream job, depression lifted, and am now living my dream! Looking back I am so glad I said YES to that journey with her. It saved my life and was perfect timing and the perfect recipe for my success!"

Fiona Rose

"Wow! BIG HEARTFELT THANKS! I am so taken with how you own your power and how you modeled it for us with unwavering love, clarity and confidence. After this weekend how can I NOT honor my body, my feelings and my purpose????? It would feel like a gross violation not just to myself but to the universe and creator of all that is."

Diane Allen
Bend Oregon

"Christi is pure magic! She was able to help me transform my anguish, sorry and grief into strength. I am so grateful to have met this fabulous woman!"

Zoe Solnantzin

"I have tried all sorts of healing modalities, and NEVER have I experienced such a profound awakening, healing and transformation as I have with her program. Thank you Christi!"


"In just over a year Christi Kendall helped me transform my life. Her work is priceless!"

Mandi Keizer

"Thank you for today...I can’t describe what it felt like even just being around you. I felt joy again...that excited feeling. Thank you again!"


"Working with Christi was a very powerful experience. I was able to open up and clear blockages and tear down emotional walls I had built up over the years. I am much more able to appreciate myself, love myself and be happy."

China Smith aka The Peoples Champ

"My gorgeous, beautiful coach, Christi Kendall literally changed my life. I wake up every day in feminine energy, which I was extremely unbalanced in before taking her program. I have become a great relationship coach because she helped me have a better relationship with myself. I have the pleasure of calling her my friend now. She is a light in darkness and a blessing on everyone that she comes in contact. Smoochies!!"

Lela Hightower

"The biggest issue I believe I’ve been helped with is loving myself and feeling present in my body In the past, I felt invisible and apologetic. I can honestly say I haven’t felt that way since this program!"

Irene Cortez
Los Angeles California

"Because of her I earn significantly more money than I ever have before. Christi is an essential part of my success and I never want to be without her help."

Brian K. McNeill, Very Personal Sales Coach
North Carolina

"I went from about $2,000.00 a month to over $10,000.00 a month, I have more money in my savings account than I’ve had in the last 17 years. Christi is a money magnet!"

Tania Jedian

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