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This is where I am expected to write briefly in third person about myself and dazzle you with all the things I can offer. Even though that is what experts suggest, I have never colored neatly inside the lines. Instead, I think sharing parts of my own journey might help you gain a more personal feel for me. After all, I believe who we are as people is equally important to all the certificates we have earned and all the expertise we have gained.  That is especially true when we are choosing a person who will be a teacher and healer. With that in mind, here are bits of my own journey which may resonate with you and allow you know me better.

I have been a seeker my eniter life. I always had the feeling that our reality is influenced by so much more than we actually know.

My journey to becoming a healer and teacher began 20 years ago although, at that time, I did not realize it.  I would like to say this journey began by receiving Divine guidance while meditating; however, the truth is that someone broke my heart and that event became the catalyst for my learning everything I could to heal my own pain and to become the person I knew I was supposed to be.

Since I was raised within the Christian religion, you might expect that I would have sought solace in the church.  However, I am gay and believed then that I was on the bus--possibly driving--that led straight to hell. I believed that all organized religion basically leads to the same place in the end, so I took a hard left and traveled the scenic route to God. I found a teacher and I was introduced to the metaphysical properties of stones, oils, herbs, and Reiki. I began to heal and I eventually became a Reiki Master.

My feeling of connection to the natural world led me to begin studying the uses of plants and trees, learning each one’s unique personality, energetics, and ability to support body, mind, and spirit.  I gained a deeper understanding of the ways in which the ancient and sentient “Green People,” in the guise of plants, trees, and elements of nature, have provided comfort and healing since the beginning of time.

Near the end of my more formal herbal studies, I read a sentence written by Kevin Hearn:  The Universe is exactly the size your soul can encompass. Hearn’s words hit me in the chest like a weight and I felt something click into place. Until that point I had always sought ways to expand my mind and my heart.  After that point, I began searching for the expansion of my soul. I did not want anything inside me to remain small. I burned with the desire to understand the vastness of our multiverse and the ways in which it influences what each of us calls reality. My desire, in time, brought me to ThetaHealing.

From the first hour of my first class, I knew my life would never be the same.  

 As I progressed through the classes, ThetaHealing taught me how to heal myself physically, emotionally, and spiritually; how to work with the seven planes of existence; and how to work with the Laws of the Universe.  It became a platform for spiritual expansion that I could have never imagined. ThetaHealing also taught me how to help others to do the same. As I learned, I began to recognize deep belief structures which create an illusion of separation, the same belief structures blocking my visceral understanding that I am part of All That Is. You see, we are never truly separate, but we have limiting beliefs, trauma, and old programs which cause us to view who we are and what we are capable of through a muddy and blurred lens.  ThetaHealing showed me how my beliefs formed the threads that entangled themselves in every aspect of my life. ThetaHealing helped me to heal and change those beliefs and, as a result, to change the way I view and move through the world. I learned how to call back, heal, and reclaim the power and pieces of myself I had given away to other people. I learned that aspects of myself I had once viewed as broken were, in fact, whole. I learned how to come home to myself.  I learned to feel the flow and the unwavering, unconditional love of All That Is and to feel that love vibrate through every level of my Being. I learned that I am worthy. I learned that I am good enough. I learned that I am deserving. I learned how powerful I am and how powerful we all are.

That “we” includes you. Are you ready?

I do not know what brought you to my profile. If you have read this far, it is not by chance.  If what I have written resonates with or intrigues you, I invite you to book a session or take a class. If you are unsure which is the best fit for you, contact me and we will figure it out together.

I wish you harmony and healing wherever your journey may take you.

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""Taking the Basic DNA class with you changed my life.""


""After having a session with you, I feel like I understand who I am so much more""


""Thank you for helping reconnect to who I am and reigniting my spiritual path and my relationship with All That Is""


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