Nouf Zarie

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Master Degree in Clinical and Counseling Psychology- Valdosta State University 
Doctoral education in Clinical psychology- Incomplete- Chestnut Hill College 
Award-Winning In addressing culturally sensitive mental health services for Arab families community Project-PA Psychological Association 
High Diploma in Clinical Psychology- King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center 
Bachelor Of Science in Psychology- King AbdulAziz University  2000


"RS I have had several session with Dr. Nouf I found her to be very professional, competent and a very good listener, she doesn't bandaged your issues she digs to the root of the problem and solves it. Her personal technique is not only crafted for the deep rooted narcissism and self blame in out society, she can handle a lot of issues all at once finding the one foundation issue and plucking it out at the root, crating the cascading dominoes of mythical issues and programming of the society. revealing so many thought that were clogging my progress, that does not serve anyone, let alone the patient. If you think that this is how life should be stop reading now . if you really want to change your life book your self in with Dr. Nouf she will help you, to a point she will show you the door but you have to open it and let her in to do the clearing and reprogramming. do not hesitate, its the best money I ever spent. "

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

"R.M Nouf helped me navigate through a difficult divorce while providing gentle and sure guidance in my personal discovery and re-definition of my life after it. With her unique approach, she made me understand my journey and appreciate every single step of it. She also helped me establish a good foundational framework for positive changes and personal development in the future. I am very thankful for the work that we did together and mostly thankful for her help that allowed me to find that peaceful place within me. True words to someone who has helped me tremendously "

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

"The first thing I learned to do was breathe. Sometimes life can seem overwhelming and I had different ideas in my head about who I am or am not. And I spent a lot of my time questioning my actions and if my feelings are valid. But I realized it’s because I never gave my brain a break. We all have an inner monologue. And I realized mine was repetitive. And I asked myself how many conversations can I have with myself without getting stuck in a loop? But these sessions taught me mindfulness. When my thoughts get too loud I close my eyes and breathe. I think I have a more gentle approach to life now. I am no longer “floating” in life but rather now dancing through it. I learned how to be present in the moment. And I realize whether I laugh or cry, it is still the same world. Time is passing, and I am living. I am starting to feel steadier, I am beginning to come together "

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

"I was a bit hesitant at first to go see a therapist, because I couldn’t locate my issues. But after just my first session with Dr. Nouf, my emotions started to fall into the right places; Dr. Nouf didn’t just help me confront my issues, but she could be the reason I found myself today. Visiting Dr. Nouf each month became a soul nurturing session. Totally recommended! Dr. Nouf will help you to locate your issues, to find yourself, and basically to understand your inner self and your connection with the universe. Dr. Nouf became my life mentor "

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

"It’s been two months since I had my first ThetaHealing session with Nouf, and I’m so grateful to have this powerful energy healing technique in my life. I can’t recommend it enough. After my first private session with this wonderful ThetaHealer in Jeddah, I mentioned my experience to my family and friends, and I continued having more sessions over ZOOM. I find it extremely beneficial to hire a professional ThetaHealer like Nouf as she is Very tuned into us as clients , and her intuition and guidance is amazing. "

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

"Nouf came into my life at the exact moment when I needed her light to help me find my way out of the depths of despair. She was a beacon of hope that guided me onto the path of enlightenment. Through my sessions with her I’ve found answers to many lifetime questions, and I feel blessed to have sat with her calm, poised and gracious manner that helped me realign and focus on what’s truly relevant. She always puts me at ease and I have learned so much from her..."

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

"J.D Dr. Nouf is the only one i fully trust on helping me deal with my issues straight from the roots. She opened up my eyes to things i wasnt willing to admit to myself, and helped me grow stronger as i adapt to the world around me. Her love and support is unconditional, and out of this world. "

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

"*to put it simply.* *i've been repressed, depressed, and on survival mode since childhood. growing up, it only got worse given my nature and environment. theta with dr nouf has provided me with deep insight. the ability to make amendments with myself, learn, and take responsibility. it widened my perspective and sense of wisdom. and most importantly, i've learned to live as myself again.* *thanks and appreciation from the deepest part of soul.* "

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

"شكرا أنوف على الجلسات اللي سويتيها لي حقيقي لاحظت الفرق وانه حياتي اترتبت وصارت اكثر وضوح كنت مره سويت معاك جلسه عن المغفره لاشخاص اساءو لي ...اذكر كانت شي عااابر مااهتميت من ضمن جلسه معاك عن موضوع آخر تماما وماقابلت الاشخاص لفتره كم شهر بعدين لما قابلتهم ماكنت احس من ناحيتهم اي شئ تماما ومايفرقو معي كأنه اول مره أشوفهم ( وكنت قبل مجرد اشوفهم او اسمع سيرتهم احس بضيق وكره الى درجه يديني ترجف لما اتذكر تصرفاتهم) وقتها عرفت قد ايش جلساتك مفيده برضو ثقتي بنفسي وذاكرتي أيام الاختبارات زادت وقلت مشاكلي مع الناس حولي حقيقي الله يسعدك "

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

"I could not find the perfect words in our human language to describe how much Dr Nouf has helped me on my healing journey. However I will say that she has guided me immensely in finding the key to my healing which has been within me all along. I went to her for emotional healing and was blessed to also experience it on a physical level; the autoimmune dis-ease symptoms I lived with for 12 years are no longer a major obstacle in my life. Dr Nouf continues to support me on my journey, as both her client since May 2018 and a fellow ThetaHealer since Sep 2018. I am eternally grateful to her"

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

"The experience changed me both spiritually and mentally. I am able to focus more on the positive aspects of life than I used to, before i would dwell on the negative and overthink a lot of situations that i shouldnt, i have a stronger relationship with my mother and i feel more confident with myself in terms of how i think and feel. I am able to express how i feel and my opinions on things more freely and i know my worth, i am able to be kind yet strong willed at the same time and make smart decisions with whatever i go through."

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

"I don't know I felt I needed to type this in Arabic and I couldn't stop. الصراحة يا دكتورة نوف من اول ما تنشافي تدخلي القلب دخولك فيلو سكينة و الواحد لمن يكون معاكي يحس مرتاح و متطمن و ماشاء الله أسلوبك طريقتك و علمك ساعدوني في اشياء كتيره في حياتي واهم من كدا اتعلمت كيف أكون متصلة بذاتي وبنفسي و كيف اؤمن بكل شي يحيطني وأكون واعية فيه. مره شكرا دكتورة مساعدتك ليا مستحيل أنساها،غيرتي اشياء كتير فيا و في حياتي للاحسن و انا فخورة جدا فيكي♥️"

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

"“ I have been through the sessions with Ms. Nouf, she helped me alot to over come the stresses of my work, and personal life, i learned new techniques and tactics that relief me from the pressure & i know more about myself and how to deal with others specially the work mates. She is professional, helpful & acurate, thank you very much for being there for me when i really needed you, Good luck”"

Thual, Saudi Arabia

"Seeking help starts with yourself. Self-help is vital to the journey to recovery. Self-help begins with self-awareness and self-discipline. Self-awareness helps identify certain triggers of your problem. While also being aware of what helps relieve them. These triggers can range from high levels of stress, family, friends, relationships or even world events. Give yourself permission to seek help by taking care of yourself. I did that and that is when I met Ms. Nouf Zarea. She emphasized self worth and love within and helped shape the ways to reach higher maturity levels and identify the healthy habits needed for self-care. With the trust and relationship built with Ms. Nouf we were able to identify the problems in terms of reasons for fear in life, reasons for bad relationships, reasons for bad reactions to life events and reasons for stress and anger. With her help those were understood to be controlled by self awareness and strong mental control which were taught and learned. I advise everyone to consult a professional even if there are no evident problems to one self. This will improve the way of living and Ms Nouf Zarea knows how to help in all cases. "

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

"D.L.K ولدت من جديد هو أقل مايمكن ان يقال عن معرفتي بالدكتوره نوف زارع ان يتصالح الانسان مع ذاته وان يكتشف أغوار نفسه ويتصل بروحه هو جمال لا يمكن وصفه بالكلمات كيف أخدتني لعالمي الداخلي وجعلتني أحتضن الانا القابعة بداخلي والتي لم اتعرف عليها حقا طوال سنين حياتي انه لأمر مدهش ان التقيت بانسانة مثلها بالتأكيد انها ليست صدفة وانها من أجمل أقداري بروحها المعطاءه وقلبها النقي شكرا دكتوره نوف لاتكفي ابداً فتقدير وامتنان الكون لا يكفي لتلك اليد التي حررتني الى عالم مليء بالنور والجمال والتحليق في سماء التجلي والوعي والرضا والسرور دكتوره نوف اتمنى ان يجدك دوماً كل منهم بحاجة للولادة من جديد وأن يرزقك الله كل قدر جميل في طريق حياتك وحياة من تحبين كما كان وجودك في حياتي وحياة أحبائي Doctor nouf zarie she’s not just a person who's going to treat your mental or psychological issue. She will take you to another world where you meet you real soul, figureing out your real identity, your main purpose and healing from inside out. Journey of beauty and peace everyone deserves to live it "

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

"بداية لا أستطيع الفصل بين الثيتا و الدكتورة نوف ... فكلاهما متصلان بالنسبة لي تجربتي لا يمكن تلخيصها ولكن قد أعطي إضاءات عليها تشبيه يوصل المعنى كنت أشعر دائما بوجود غشاوة على حواسي وعقلي تمنعني من الرؤية بوضوح لمعاني الأشياء من حولي بعد الجلسات: وجدت نفسي إنسانة جديدة ترى العالم بشكل مختلف عن السابق تجاوزت الماضي وتصالحت مع ذاتي كل الشكر والحب والامتنان للدكتورة نوف زارع جميلة الروح والأخلاق "

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

"When I first met Nouf in 2016, I had just gotten the hang of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and was fully exploring the logic behind my thinking and working to change it. She opened up about her new exploration of Theta Healing and I felt massive resistance. I am so grateful she left me space and we focused on the science, because it gave me the trust to explore other ways to generate faith and a positive mindset. I am loyal to her services because _work_, and I always look forward to my time with her."

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

"W.B When I first met Dr. Nouf my life was a complete mess i was fired from my work back to drugs back to every bad habit I had then after 1 month I quit the daily use drugs she helped me figuring out who really I am she helped me finding a way for this path of light now I’m Vegan and good health quit smoking and have amazing work seeking to accomplish my mission and dream . Thank you Dr. Nouf for everything I love you ❤️ "

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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