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My Upcoming Classes

Advanced DNA PA  United States of America Oct 15 - 17, 2021 Tudj meg többet
Dig Deeper PA  United States of America Nov 13 - 14, 2021 Tudj meg többet
You and the Creator PA  United States of America Dec 11 - 12, 2021 Tudj meg többet


At this time, all of my ThetaHealing classes are being offered online. You may view my current class schedule and sign up for classes with me by visiting my website at
One-on-one sessions are still available during this time, as they are being offered remotely online via Zoom or over the phone.  When I may be of support and service to you with a one-on-one ThetaHealing session, you may easily schedule your appointment on my website here:
All meetings of in-person ThetaHealing classes with me have been suspended indefinitely. At some point in the future, I hope to be able to offer in-person classes again. To get updates on class schedules, I invite you to join my email list here.
My name is Colleen O'Brien and I am a Certified ThetaHealer®  based in the Greater Philadelphia Area in Pennsylvania. I enjoy working with people in many different locations, and I have the ability to share ThetaHealing with you nearly anywhere in the world, since I conduct sessions over the phone or through online video conferencing, and I am willing to travel to teach ThetaHealing® classes in-person (when global conditions allow, of course).
I invite you to explore my website for more information about my ThetaHealing practice as well as the other services I offer by visiting  You may contact me online through my website, or use the "Send Message" button on this page to email me when you would like to connect with me. I look forward to working with you! +Collean

Extra megbízólevelét

Insured Practitioner, Energy Medicine Professional Insurance (EMPI)
Phoenix Blessing™ Money & Happiness Practitioner
Certified Laughter Yoga Leader (CLYL)
Minister, Universal Life Church
Arcturian Reiki Master
Access Bars® Practitioner
Masters of Computer Science, Villanova University
Bachelors of Science, Comprehensive Program, Villanova University
Minors in Chemistry and German, Sequence in the Liberal Arts Honors Program
17 years experience as an on-camera actress


"I highly recommend Collean and her techniques of healing. If you are stuck, if you are feeling suffocated, if you are believing there is no other way to live, then I encourage you to reach out to Collean. Collean will guide you step by step, lovingly and with sincere compassion and truth, to help you see, feel, and experience something different. By allowing Collean the pleasure of working with you, you will find there are answers you did not see, there are solutions awaiting your attention and awareness, and there is help available to you. "

Jen Casper

"I have experienced dozens of different healers and modalities over the past few years, and I can honestly say, that Collean is the real deal. She goes over and above to make sure your healing experience is coming from a place of pure heart, pure integrity and with the most loving intentions."

New Zealand

"The gentle way you asked questions, and the non-judging way you dealt with everything that came up, was amazing. I left that session feeling like an enormous weight that I had been carrying around - possibly for my entire existence in this life and in previous lives - had been completely lifted."

Spring House, PA

"Truly so grateful for all the time you spent with me during our session! Really loved it!!! Thank you!! Wonderful things are happening... I feel lighter and open to receive the positive energy and opportunities to come. Would love to schedule another session in the next few weeks!"

North Wales, PA

"Everything has been transforming dramatically since we've met! I want to thank you again for the healing, for listening, and for just BEing!!!!"

Camp Hill, PA

"I feel great. Like I can accomplish anything. It feels as though the fears that have been holding me back are just a distant shadow of what was. It's freeing. Thank you Collean!!"

Lansdale, PA

"I wanted to say THANK YOU for yesterday’s session. I feel so FREE in a way that is indescribable. I felt a huge heart chakra opening / awakening this morning which was so incredibly beautiful and powerful. To all that we let go of and watched heal yesterday, thank you for your service, all is forgiven, and now I am free to be LOVE!"

Tina Marie Olsen
Chicago, IL

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