Malia Mekuli

An Independent Certified Practitioner, Instructor, Master




Our soul wounds have many sources; mine were forged in the acts of betrayal and abuse I encountered in my childhood.

The lack of safety to receive genuine love or nurture, left my heart craving attention from less harmonious environments.

The refuge I sought in abusing myself with drugs and alcohol inevitably eroded my sense of self worth, leaving behind a trail of destruction in its wake.

Ultimately, Angels were sent to me in perfect timing and the foundation of self-repair was laid. Finally being heard, seen and supported in my truth allowed space for my Soul gifts to flourish.

My Angels established a direct connection inward and offered guidance to help me acknowledge and heal my soul wounds.

Now in turn, i have acquired tools that have made me strong in previously weak area's.

I am here to stand and speak up, to offer those like me the guidance and love to call forth their own healing within too.


Extra megbízólevelét

Malia is a Spiritual Development Coach and Healer.

Malia believes that through healing the trauma of our past and deepening into our innate connection to God, it is possible to awaken our Intuitive abilities.

Malia has devoted herself to seeking out the wounds of her past to create a safe space for her kindred tribe to find refuge as they begin their journey of self-discovery, awakening and healing.


"I had my 2nd session with Malia the other day and was very pleased how professional and caring she was. I'm very new to this but wow! My first session was mind blowing to say the least and my recent session was just as amazing. I highly recommend this lovely lady to do a session with you as I've been amazed at what I've got out of it. Thanks so much :)"

Jenni Goodman-Poole
Hamilton, New Zealand

"I went to Malia because I feel that she has a clear direct connection with creator. I felt listened to, supported and safe. I would highly recommend her :)"

Harmony Brooks
Hamilton, New Zealand

"Tbh - I’ve experienced some pretty traumatising effects of “instructors” to the point where I lost complete trust in my connection to the creator. HOWEVER with Malia reaching out to me, I have only ever felt safe to dig deep through those traumas and to fully reconnect with the creator confidently and consistently. I am grateful Malia reached out to me, those deep wounds have been healed and I finally feel safe to connect and authentically express myself because of the training I have completed with her as my instructor. I cannot recommend her enough."

Whaea Rehua
Hamilton, New Zealand

"I see malia quite regularly for one on one sessions and have for a few months now and have enjoyed every minute of it! her energy is so calming and lovely, she makes everything seem so simple after seeing her and I just think that's an amazing gift to have let alone share, so thankyou malia for all of your time I appreciate it so much. highly recommended. looking forward to doing the classes !"

Malka Ahir
Hamilton, New Zealand

"Malia is a wonderful listener with no judgment that makes you feel comfortable and at ease. I left feeling happier and lighter after a healing with her and look forward to another reading soon."

Hamilton, New Zealand

"Malia’s space was relaxing and perfect size for the amount of students training, lovely hospitality, communication was good. Easy to understand and able to follow her instructions during each activity layouts."

Hamilton, New Zealand

"Malia, thank you, so much! I have absolutely LOVED working with you this month. If you are thinking about working with Malia, absolutely do it! Malia has such a beautiful way of gently guiding and supporting you to dig deep and clear blocks that are holding you back (some you may not even know you have). She has an incredible gift of insight that she shares with grace. I gained so much clarity and confidence working with Malia, she has helped me to trust more, and feel more sure and supported in owning and sharing my soul gifts. I can't wait to work with Malia again soon "

Kathy Broadhead
Tauranga, New Zealand

"It’s been a true blessing connecting with Malia through fb. Her reverence, patience, wisdom and understanding are her greatest gifts. After just one remote session I feel that major shifts are already happening within me and are manifesting externally. She embodies authenticity, genuineness, compassion, kindness, wisdom with humility and so much unconditional love which confirm that she sincerely works from the energy of love and compassion, honoring sacred space for witnessing miracles manifesting through The Creator. Thank you for being such a blessing in my life and the life’s of others and a wonderful healer. Bless you and continue radiating your virtues"

Laura Sender Diaz
Dubai, UAE

"It has been an absolute pleasure knowing Malia. Her genuine demeanor has been enough for me to connect with her. Her presence is calming and very composed in her own self. I had the opportunity to do Theta Healing - Basic DNA course. The course was conducted over a period of three days which gave us good in-depth understanding of the concepts of Theta Healing. The practical sessions were very helpful in applying our understanding and learning about the our intrinsic gifts. We were also spoilt on all three days with yummy snacks. I am already looking forward to do the Advanced DNA course, whenever possible."

Shelly Wadhwa
Hamilton, New Zealand

"Thank you so much Malia for being such an Amazing Human! As you know my whole being was fighting me from doing the Theta Healing Basic DNA workshop! That part of me that wants to keep me small was trying to win over my True essence! Thank you for providing a Safe,Secure and Supportive environment for my letting go to happen! I am so Thankful I did your Workshop! It was a very life changing experience that I am truly Grateful for! Thank you xxxxxx"

Brooke Joy Fenwick
Auckland, New Zealand

"I was gifted a beautiful tester reading by Malia. What an amazing experience it was for me. very healing & exactly what I needed to hear from spirit. I'm so thankful for her gift & I look forward to having a full reading when I am guided. thank you for this Beautiful taonga. love & light "

Kariva Tawhai

"Highly intuitive and thoughtful readings. If your wanting guidance around manifestation and changing your thought patterns I would definitely get in touch with Malia, she is a great coach. She is full of love and positivity and can make a huge impact in your life!"

Charm Skinner
Auckland, New Zealand

"Malia is amazing, walking into her presence is like coming home on Christmas, joyful and comforting. Her gifts are incredible, and, after our session with her yesterday, my daughter and I have already felt wonderful changes within. I highly recommend getting in touch with Malia for anyone who needs some loving guidance and help."

Karen Fletcher
Tauranga, New Zealand

"Insights that you would otherwise never have. It’s all here! The best guide to unlock a level of consciousness you didn’t know existed within you. Just simply encouraging and lovely to be here and to receive the best motivations to move through life :) thank you!"

Christina K. Chan
Auckland, New Zealand

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