You and the Creator

Dátum: October 19 - 20, 2022

Times: 8:00 AM-2:30 PM

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A nyelv (ek): English

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Rishma Dhutti

Független Okleveles Kezelő, Oktató


+63 908 814 6046


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Makati City , Manila, Philippines

ThetaHealing® You and the Creator

Időtartam: 2 nap

Newest ThetaHealing Seminar coming January 2018.
Understand your divine self and your survival subconscious. The difference of the Creators voice verses your ego. What is truth verses fear.
In class you will truly get to know yourself your motivations . You will learn to know true intuition verse being led by what you want to happen. 
This seminar is available for Basic and Advanced Practitioners. Can be taken with Growing Your Relationships 1 or by itself. 

Additional Class Information

You are worthy. You are deserving of perfect love, grace, and abundance. But why is that so hard to fully accept?It’s time to deepen your connection with The Creator and access pure guidance and power.


ThetaHealing® You & The Creator is the fourth and final foundational course for ThetaHealing®. Sign up for this course here:




If you say yes to any of these questions, YES this class is for you.

* Are you feeling stuck in your comfort zone?
* Are you struggling to discern between what your ego is saying and what the Creator is trying to tell you?
* Are you encountering blocks or unable to hear answers during a healing or reading?
* Are you unable to ask the Creator for your desires due to guilt / worry / even anger?
* Are you absorbing other people’s energies and feelings uncontrollably?
* Are you having a hard time doing belief work on yourself and others?

The Creator is a pure unconditional energy. The universe is just waiting for you to access your fullest capacity to generate love, health, abundance and manifest without limits. Invest in yourself and sign up today.




In taking this class, you will experience the following:

* Enter a state of oneness with the energy of Creation.
* Heal distortions about the Creator/God/Universe.
* Discern the difference between ego and divine guidance.
* Attain clarity in hearing guidance for healing, readings, and manifestations.
* Let go of past oaths, vows, commitments or soul contracts that no longer serve you.
* Shift from your comfort zone to your stretch zone for the win.
* Cultivate intuition and psychic abilities to make better life choices.
* Complete belief work in as fast as 10 minutes for yourself or others.



This is the fourth and final foundational course for ThetaHealing®. To benefit from this class, students must have completed the courses before it - 


ThetaHealing® Basic DNA, ThetaHealing® Advanced DNA, ThetaHealing® Dig Deeper.


This course is best accompanied by this book:®-You-Creator-Vianna-Stibal/dp/1401960669/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=thetahealing+basic+dna&qid=1655805951&sprefix=thetahealing+basic%2Caps%2C247&sr=8-2


This is required reading and students are encouraged to purchase this e-book/kindle prior to starting the class.

Build your most intimate connection with the Creator/Universe. Sign up today:


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