Natasha Rockstrom

An Independent Certified Practitioner, Instructor, Master, Certificate of Science


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You and the Creator Dubai, Dubai  United Arab Emirates Oct 30 - 31, 2021 Tudj meg többet
Manifesting and Abundance United Arab Emirates Nov 13 - 14, 2021 Tudj meg többet


As a natural and gifted intuitive healer, Natasha brings dynamic wisdom that is experiential and easily accessible to her clients. She is a certified Theta Healing Energy Practitioner and Teacher from the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge. Her passion is to elevate the spiritual gifts in you and see those ripple effects ‘change the game’ and benefit the planet.
As a mother of two girls, an entrepreneur, investor and spiritual teacher Natasha brings her personal experiences to her teaching, and inspires her clients to become leaders to guide themselves and those around them to empowerment. She has always been a visionary and natural leader, and was born in a family that tutored her and her sister’s spiritual awakening from the age of 5. She holds an EMBA in finance from the Stockholm school of economics and an undergraduate degree in economics from Mcgill University as well as having a business career for over 16 years.
Her vision is to see each and every person align to their most soul full, abundant, creative, magical and free state of being. We are here to discover our power, transform our lives, and positively shift the world around us. Wishing you a life full of miracles and discovering that anything is possible with an open heart, a flowing inner power and an aligned awakened self.

Extra megbízólevelét

EMBA Finance from the Stockholm School of Economics 
BA in Economics from Mcgill University


"My reading resonated with something deep within. It spoke to me on a very deep level, the greater part of my consciousness resonated very deeply with it. It was heartfelt, insightful and beautiful. It lifted me out of my fear and guided me to see a greater truth. The session gave me guidance, reassurance and validation that I was on the right path. It gave me perspective on my life and my journey. It helped me to tweak a few things to open up new opportunities and allow my life to flow with greater ease. I was also surprised as to the accuracy of the information that was given. "“I feel that my coaching session was not about learning how to deal with life but really about accessing a deeper dimension within myself so that life becomes a journey rather than a continuous struggle. For those who long for more, if you are willing these sessions can take you there.”"

Gayle Kothari
Adelaide, Australia

"I highly recommend Natasha to anyone who has searched for answers outside of themselves. It’s a response and reaction to life from the third eye. It has been an unbiased response to my human quest, it’s a course correction and an deeper understanding about myself. This is the best present I have given myself is to be in Natasha's presence."

Anu Mahal
San Francisco, California

"Natasha is a wonderful healer. She not only understands the complexity of the human mind, but also has a deep connection to her intuitive abilities. By combining reason with emotion and intuition she can see things in their true nature and guide you to the essence of what lies beneath. She is dedicated, caring and her energy allows you to feel safe. Her warmth and confidence will make you feel relaxed and it will give you a deep sense of faith. I am grateful for having met such a great healer. "

Larisa Vranceanu

"Thank you Natasha for a profound session, showing me easily and gently the way into my highest potential. By helping me release blocks I then realized what is standing in my way of growth and achievement. I found I can speak and open up to you with ease, I felt empowered and ready to move forward."

Amani Mousa

"Already when I was reading the first sentence in my angel letter, it was like coming home. Each sentence was amazing to read and I understood everything so good. Since that day I feel I am never never alone anymore, my angels are with me already from day 1. But now I know for sure that They are helping me and protecting me and what I have to do in the future and now. So Yes I am very very happy with my Beautiful letter."

Ellen Bravenboer

"Natasha is without doubt one of the most intuitive and gifted healers I have ever had the honour of meeting. I would even go as far to say she has super powers! My sessions with her have been life changingly transformative and she is one of the kindest souls to walk this earth. My daughter (12yrs) has also benefited hugely from Natasha's gifts and loving soul and we are utterly blessed to have her in our lives. Deeply grateful for all that you do to heal this world Natasha Rockström. Blessings and huge love for you and all your family."

Jasmine Collin

"Natasha is a gifted amazing teacher! Intelligent, kind, genuine, intuitive, ... a beautiful soul in her true mission to awaken people ready for more in their lives. Highly recommended! "

Suzanne Zabiela

"If you feel confused sometimes and things won´t clear up or you don´t feel really connected to the people around you, call Natasha and for sure you will fell better. Only listening to her lovely voice makes me feel happy and calm. I appreciate it very much, that she will answer your questions whenever you need help.Thank you dear Natasha Rockström"

Nicole Zols

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