Lara Arguijo

An Independent Certified Practitioner, Instructor



My Upcoming Classes

Soul Mate United States of America Aug 20 - 21, 2022 Tudj meg többet
Dig Deeper United States of America Aug 23 - 24, 2022 Tudj meg többet
Animal Seminar United States of America Sep 17, 2022 Tudj meg többet
RHYTHM to a Perfect Weight United States of America Sep 18, 2022 Tudj meg többet
Advanced DNA United States of America Sep 23 - 25, 2022 Tudj meg többet
Manifesting and Abundance United States of America Oct 1 - 2, 2022 Tudj meg többet
Basic DNA Long Beach, CA  United States of America Nov 11 - 13, 2022 Tudj meg többet


Lara Arguijo is a Theta Healing Practitioner and Instructor in Los Angeles, CA. Lara has over 18 years working in health and wellness field. Lara originally started Theta Healing because she wanted to heal herself, but then realized she could help her community. It is such a powerful healing modality with profoundly deep results. Lara teaches online and in person. Follow her on instagram at illuminatelife_ for more up to date information.


""I had a severe toothache that my dentist did an x-ray and found nothing. After weeks of pain, I had one phone session with Lara and the pain was gone!""

Kim Yepez
New Mexico

"I feel a difference even in my breathing and thoughts after my session. When I finished my phone session I felt such a deeper connection with myself that allowed me to have a deeper connection with my husband."


"I loved my session with Lara. I felt so safe and felt I went deeper into myself than I have with any other healing modality. I noticed deep patterns had changed immediately after healing my ancestral trauma. "

Long Beach

"Lara has changed my life, both through her healings and as a teacher. I've taken four theta classes with her, and she is an amazing teacher. She is so giving inside of class and out. If you are her student once, she is your teacher forever. I'm always texting her questions about my sessions or clarifications, and she generously provides her insight every time. As a healer, I've sent so many people to her. I get in my head when we are healing from super far back (like far back genetics or past lives), and it is SO COOL how Lara is also seeing what I'm seeing or often giving me even more insight into my past. She'll psychically dream about your healing too. I can exactly pin point how her sessions have helped my career as an actor and helped me heal past romances. I can't recommend Lara enough. Please book a theta class with her. She is so incredible and you deserve for your life to change too"

Grace G
Los Angeles

"I met Lara last October for my first online Theta healing course. Lara lights up the room in a way that makes you feel safe to learn, explore and expand with Creator. I have now taken two more courses with Lara because I formed a bond during our first weekend together and I LOVE Theta healing! I have since continued to have one on one sessions with Lara over the phone for the past two months. I am going through a divorce yet finding my path to be a beautiful healer myself. Healing myself has brought tremendous joy to my life. I no longer stress, worry, doubt, feel unloved, I don’t question anything, knowing it’s all going to work out in a divine timing. Healing is a beautiful journey and I embrace it with God and Lara. She is incredibly gifted and my favorite healer. Give her a call or take her course, trust me you won’t regret it! Peace and love "

Alicia Russ
North Carolina

"I first came to Lara in 2020 at one of my lowest points in which I needed guidance and help through all my challenges at that time. She helped me release energy as well as surround myself with loving energy as a replacement! With her guidance in theta healing she has helped me tremendously and I am so grateful I asked the universe for guidance and therefore Lara came into my journey. I have also taken the Basic DNA theta healing classes with Lara and I am now able and more confident in my healing journey focused on myself but also to help others. I am very grateful for all that Lara has shown and guided me through!"

Viviana A
Long Beach

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