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An Independent Certified Practitioner, Instructor


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My Upcoming Classes

Basic DNA Germany Oct 29 - 31, 2021 Tudj meg többet
World Relations Germany Nov 5 - 9, 2021 Tudj meg többet
Dig Deeper Germany Nov 13 - 14, 2021 Tudj meg többet
Manifesting and Abundance Germany Nov 20 - 21, 2021 Tudj meg többet
You and the Creator Germany Nov 27 - 28, 2021 Tudj meg többet


From Engineering to Intuitive Healing
After graduating in 2001 in the area of ​​Engineering, I worked for technologically demanding and stressful industries. Through several challenging activities that I performed in the aeronautical industry, as a strategic buyer for high technological projects. As a project manager in the automotive industry and as a process manager in the textile industry, I was able to accumulate a lot of experiences with very diverse people, cultures and circumstances.

One day I felt the calling to change my life 180 degrees, I was sick, sad and was slowly but surely loosing my will to live and something needed to be urgently changed. So, I quit my job as an engineer and started to qualify in the healing modality that resonated more with me, which was: ThetaHealing. Meanwhile I run my healing business Full-time and regret not one single moment having taken the decision to change my life.

As a person, I am extroverted and cosmopolitan and I love all expressions of Art. Curious since forever about human nature, Inspired by my own life story
I am very grateful to be in service to people from all over the world who resonate with my energy and my life mission is dedicated to help heal mostly very old ancestral negative patterns.
In Love

Extra megbízólevelét

I am the creator of a concept dedicated to entrepreneurs who know so well as I do, how challenging it is to be active in a world of constant stress and rapid results oriented and are looking for a solution to bring them back to balance and health.

My offer at your service which was developed and optimized to meet the needs of people who, suffer from Stress and/ or Anxiety and are looking for a quick, kind and effective solution to heal. This includes one-on-one sessions with me dedicated to specific triggers that will be gradually identified, minimized, released and healed in a safe, trustable environment of dedicated online appointments with me that can be attended from the comfort of your own home.


"To me, Marlene is a great example of a mix between a highly skilled and sensitive therapist and a great teacher. This combination makes her unique. So, I learned twice from her during the Thetahealing courses. Querida Marlene, obrigada em gratidao"


"Marlene kann mit ihrer Kompetenz und Empathie auch sehr schwierige Themen mit einer Leichtigkeit wieder in Harmonie bringen! Ich habe sie als tolle Begleiterin kennengelernt und würde sie absolut weiterempfehlen - vielen vielen Dank nochmal an dieser Stelle "


"I'm a mom who runs a new business. I felt overwhelmed by the problems and all the choices I was making. Marlene helped me overcome stress, close old patterns and move forward in a simpler and more joyful way. I wholeheartedly recommend having a session with her."


"I’m a young entrepreneur and student from Portugal. I have had learning problems since the beginning of school, when I was diagnosed with dyslexia. Some months ago I was dealing with paralyzing Fear, Anger and Anxiety. My life was turning into a nightmare, day by day and I was feeling sad and hopeless and losing my joy for life. I had trust issues and kept my social contact circle very small and wouldn’t allow myself to share my pain, in an open way with anyone. I was recommended to work with Marlene Pinto, a person who gave me from the first minute the feeling of being trustworthy and very very kind. My heart felt warm and I could tell she could easily sense my own trauma and limitations that were completely unaware to me. After joining her Emotional Freedom Program my life changed a lot. I feel happy and motivated to learn and to interact in life with others. From the first time in my life I started to have very good results in school and my grades are as high as they have never been before. I am now very successful! After the program, I feel free to take decisions in my life without having to deal with the anxiety and constant fear of making mistakes. I can’t express how grateful I am to Marlene for all her kindness and dedication in dealing with heavy trauma in such a loving way and I will also recommend her as an excellent therapist whenever you feel like you are lost in life or have problems learning and keeping any kind of healthy routine in your life."


"I’m a young entrepreneur from India who Help Modern Women to Transform their relationship with food to gain body trust and healthiest weight. Some months ago I was dealing with Fear and Anxiety and lot of otionsl breakdown I was recommended by a good friend of mine to work with Marlene Pinto who gave me since the first interaction the feeling of being a very competent therapist, earm welcome and feeling of comfort. After the first one-on-one talk with her I felt so safe,security and motivated and joined her Emotional Freedom Program. Having my first session with her, brought so much peace in my heart that I could feel immediate improvements in my life. But, after the program, I feel free to take decisions in my life without having to deal with the anxiety and constant fear of making mistakes, I feel so light and relaxed, untouched by external environment. I’m so thankful to Marlene for all her sensitive and warm way to deal with heavy emotional blockages in such a caring way and I will also recommend her as an excellent go-to- person whenever you feel like your life is not what you dreamed of. Trust me, she is the right person for ypu if you are feeling emotionally drained, feeling overwhelmed, indecisive, heavy emotional trauma or emotional blockages."


"Conheci a querida Marlene aplicando cursos aqui no Porto. Uma mulher comunicadora, inspiradora, cheia de energia, empreendedora e extremamente capaz. Tem uma capacidade muito objetiva e clara para ensinar e nos ajudar a praticar o que aprendemos. Marlene é um exemplo de mulher empreendedora que através de suas convicções e crenças, construiu seu próprio negócio e vive a vida que quer viver. Realmente uma inspiração e um exemplo a ser seguido."


"A Marlene foi decisiva numa fase da minha vida em que eu estava completamente desorientada, perdida e aturdida. Ela mostrou-me a armadilha onde eu tinha caído, falou comigo em Amor mas sem me esconder o que se passava realmente comigo. Deu-me as ferramentas e abriu-me as portas para eu conseguir sair do poço onde me encontrava. Aconselho de coração que procurem a sua ajuda se se sentirem sem saber como continuar a caminhar. Obrigada de coração "


"Marlene Pinto hat eine sehr einfühlsame Art, wo sie schnell auf das Problem trifft und es effektiv bearbeitet. Marlene Pinto ist eine große Hilfe in dieser schwierigen Zeit. Ich kann sie jederzeit empfehlen."


"Sem qualquer tipo exagero, conheci a Marlene na pior altura da minha vida e graças ao trabalho dela, a minha vida mudou completamente. Hoje sou a melhor versão de mim própria! Grata por nos termos cruzado. Grata ao Criador por te dar todas essas capacidades e por através de ti me ter levantado! Se recomendo!? A 100%. Experimentem!!"


"Von ❤en Ja Marlene ist wundervoll "


"I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Marlene as a truly exceptional therapist. When you know what would you like to heal, but even when you don’t know what’s blocking you to live your life with full potential. I can’t thank her enough for showing up in my life when I needed help more than ever. From 1 to 10, she is 11."


Hold a seminar in your area

I will travel to any Country where I can work on the languages I speak.
Please contact me for further details.

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