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You and the Creator London, Greater London  United Kingdom Jun 15 - 16, 2021 Tudj meg többet


I'm Shirley Joy Joffe, and since I was little I knew I was slightly different, maybe you resonate?

I always had a knowing of something beyond us, an underlying faith that within consciousness was part of everything that we are.

I have always and still do believe in Miracles, and have witnessed many in my years, from day-to-day life miracles to some amazing things that in normal reality just weren't explainable.

I love to guide spiritually-minded people to unlock their superpowers by empowering them to activate and amplify their natural intuitive gifts so they can manifest wealth and abundance from a place of ease, joy, and flow.  
I've found the most effective and fastest way of doing this is through ThetaHealing.

I started my study journey actually based in science, looking into the components of a cell, genetics, etc, and alongside was a sideline intuitive reader, life guide and mentor.

After I created many illnesses, I finally listened to my message from Creator, I found ThetaHealing and this was the umbrella that put everything that was within me into a delicious banquet that just fit and is truly delicious.

I became an instructor after being a practitioner for a long time because mastering my craft is important to me so that my experience can empower people in the best way, I knew that I would like to have the strongest connection and clearest channel I could be in a session and a class.
Classes I teach are:
Basic DNA
Advanced DNA
Dig Deeper
You and Creator
You and Your Significant Other
You and Your Inner Circle
And I am the creator of the 3 Element - Joyful Abundance Blueprint

Some fun facts about me:

I am a martial artist from age 16
I was a professional dancer
I worked for many years within corporate (did I say fun?! - well I love seeing and working people out, I was a learning and development consultant and coach ;) ). 
I am married and have 3 young girls (a crystal child, indigo, and a rainbow, just to keep me on my toes ;) ). 
I love learning and playing in nature, working with crystals and essentials oils and doing fun rituals and spells.
You can contact me through my email or through social media:
FB :
I've love to see you in class or for a consultation.

Extra megbízólevelét

Apart from being a Master ThetaHealing Practitioner, I am an instructor in Basic, Advanced, Dig Deeper, You and Creator, You and Your Significant Other, You and Your Inner Circle.

I am an Access Consciousness Practitioner, Body Process Practitioner, and Access Bars Facilitator.

I am a Reiki Master Instructor
Souls Release Therapist
EFT Master
NLP Master Practitioner
Erisonnian Hypnotherapist
Life Coach and wow... many more....

And have my own courses for Crystal Grid, portal and Layouts and Intuitive Dowsing 


""My Name is Daniela Nikolova and I met Shirley when I was at a point in my life where I felt I need it a change and transformation from the old me and looking for new possibilities in life. Our first consultation felt joy and instant connection /bear in mind I was very new to the energy work / but my intuition was guiding me I'm on the right path. It was a journey of rediscovering myself with new eyes. With every session, I was going deeper and full of more knowledge. I discover the greater healer in me. Working with Shirley was easy and enjoyable and she is full of passion and so much giving from her big heart. I'm so blessed to know her and work with her in every aspect of my life. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!""

Daniela Nikolova
Facebook Reviews - Shirley Joffe

"Thank you Shirley for your healing session the other day, I really needed it. My body was feeling all out of sorts, my energy was very low, I was experiencing cold/ flu symptoms and extra unwanted aches and pains in my body, anxiety like I’ve never felt before due to the difficult situation we are facing right now. It was a really calming session and I felt her calm, compassion and magical energy come right through to me and more importantly, it also forced me to start listening to my body again and reconnect with myself so I don’t overdue it and lose communication again so soon, and since then I have been paying more attention to how I am treating my body, my mood has become more positive and I have been attracting better energy over the course of the week after my session."

Sara Beneviste
Facebook Reviews - Shirley Joffe

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