Justin Cha

An Independent Certified Practitioner, Instructor




Justin has been studying ThetaHealing since summer of 2013. He was inspired to become an instructor in ThetaHealing because of his passion for teaching his students how to shift belief patterns that block them from expressing their true authentic self - the self that is free from limiting negative beliefs conditioned from childhood and society. His interest in ThetaHealing began when he had his first session with his aunt Yang, who has a Certificate of Science in ThetaHealing. He was struggling with acceptance issues with his family for being gay, and as a result, he had to balance two different identities. The first identity was that he had to appear and act "straight" or heterosexually while he was in the presence of his family. The second identity was that he had to keep his homosexuality a secret from his family. His family relatives would often tease each other for being gay, which made him feel unsafe to come out to them because he feared being rejected by them. It wasn't until the discovery of ThetaHealing that taught him how to energetically shift beliefs by connecting with the Creator from the Seventh Plane. The belief that caused him to reject his gay identity was, "I will be rejected if I come out to my family." Once that belief was shifted to, "I know how to be loved and accepted by my family for being gay," his fears and anxiety went away. When he came out to his family weeks later, to his surprise, they responded with loving support and acceptance. His belief that he would be rejected was creating a reality where he felt like he had to keep his gay identity a secret. Because of ThetaHealing, he has finally been able to accept himself for being gay. This healing breakthrough has led him to teach others the practice of ThetaHealing so that his students can learn how to live and express their true authentic nature. 

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Certified ThetaHealing Instructor, Reiki Master, Massage Therapist, Access Bars Practitioner, Sound Healing Practitioner, Angel Therapy


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