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An Independent Certified Practitioner, Instructor, Master, Certificate of Science


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Goran Karna is a Representative and Administrator of ThetaHealing® (ThetaHealing® United World Wide) of Croatia and Serbia. He is qualified at the highest level in Theta Healing® Teacher Training, with a Certificate In The Science of Theta Healing®.

Goran has a Bachelor Degree in Philosophy and History of Art from the University of Zadar, Croatia. He also has a Diploma in Natural Therapies in Homoeopathy from Health Schools Australia. Goran studied Vibrational Healing in India and also has a Diploma in Yumeiho, Traditional Chinese and Japanese Massage, from Masayuki Saionji's International Institute for Practice of Preventive Medicine.

From the age of 16 Goran has been searching for Truth, seeking purpose and meaning in life. This quest prompted him to study Eastern and Western mystics, philosophy, art, different healing modalities and to undertake pilgrimages to holy places.

In 2002. Goran met Vianna in Cairns, Australia. He had a life crisis at that time and Vianna helped him to find balance in his mind and body. Goran became a ThetaHealing™ instructor in 2003 and so far has held more than 260 seminars and workshops. In his Theta practice he has witnessed healings of cancer, viral and bacterial diseases, irritable bowel syndrome, broken bones, addictions, diabetes, high blood pressure and many more (for examples of healings please enter Testimonials about Healings). Goran observed people becoming happier, healthier, more content and successful after changing their core beliefs. He realized that miracles do happen and they happen very often in Theta world.

Goran believes that the Power of Theta Healing® comes from the Source, or God Himself. The techniques given to access that Power are simple, easy to learn and accessible to all regardless of age, gender, religion or educational background. Goran is honored to bring this sacred teaching to his students and clients.

Contact details:
Email: goran.karna@yahoo.com  
Contact phone in Croatia: +385 (0)99 695 2241

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Representative and Administrator of ThetaHealing® Croatia
Representative and Administrator of ThetaHealing® Serbia
Certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner since 2002
Theta Healing® Master
Theta Healing® Certificate of Science
Homoeopathy, Yumeiho Massage, Vibrational Healing
Bachelor of Philosophy, Art Historian


"The course was excellent and there was a lot of work. For three years my dioptre had been +1.50 and couldn't read without glasses or see in the distance. On the second day of the course my eyesight improved and on the third day I took my glasses off completely. Thank you."

Mirjana Spajic
Zagreb, Croatia

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing me that the way to God can be so simple and natural. It is in our collective consciousness - the belief that the path must be tough, rough and painful, accompanied by a load of grief, suffering and pain. Thank you for showing us that it is not necessarily so. Thank you, also, for all your efforts and patience, understanding, support and love that you gave us and for opening the same qualities in us. The intense pain in my rib cage that nobody could diagnose in spite of numerous examinations has disappeared! It just vanished! Actually, I am still in wonder, can't believe it has gone just like that after "fighting" with this problem for almost 10 years! There are no words to express my gratitude! "

Ksenija Djumic
Zagreb, Croatia

"I have worked as a registered Nurse in North Queensland, Australia for 30 years. The climate here is warm/hot all year. There are a number of mosquito carried tropical diseases that spread to humans when bitten by an infected mosquito. In November 2005 I was infected with Barmah Forest Virus by being bitten by a mosquito. The symptoms are severe rash, fever, malaise, lethargy and painful joints. These symptoms can remain for months and may recur for years. I had all these symptoms and once the rash disappeared I had lethargy and pain in my elbows, knees, wrists, fingers, ankles, feet and toes. The only way I could work at my job was to take anti-inflammatory tablets three times per day and strong pain tablets every 4-6 hours. If I didn't take these medications then the pain would prevent me from working and enjoying my life. After many weeks of this I spoke to Goran via the telephone one Saturday and he said that he would do a Theta healing whilst I was on the phone. When he was doing the healing I felt warmth in my body. The process only took about 10 minutes. That day I felt a little better but still had some joint pain. We spoke again the next day via the telephone and he did another healing which took about 10 minutes. This time I felt a lot more warmth in my body and the pain in all my joints disappeared immediately. I hadn't taken any medication that day before the healing. I was really happy and amazed by the result of the healing. Since that Sunday, I have had no more joint pain and so no longer need to take all the medication I was on. To me as a medical nurse, it was an instant miracle! I have also just had pneumonia and Goran has done two Theta healings whilst I was on the phone to him and I feel much better and have energy again. This healing technique is truly wonderful. "

Kerie Jackson
Cairns, Australia

"I completed Basic DNA course and it has been my best investment so far. In addition to my improved eyesight, I do not feel any pain in the body. Every morning I wake up happy, full of energy and and zest for life. Everything I do, goes smoothly. I feel like I've received a new life, one that I dreamed of for a long time, the life I've always wanted. The benefits of Theta technique could be seen on other students in the class as well. As we exchanged our experiences during the breaks, we talked about the incredible changes we underwent, and at the same time we were impressed by the ease with which Goran interacted with us. I would recommend Theta Healing seminar to everyone, even to those who think they are already happy and fulfilled, because the dimensions they will reach with Goran are unparalleled to anything else."

Katja Bozanic

"Last winter my youngest son Jan broke his right hand. He had surgery at an orthopaedic hospital in Lovran, Croatia but the bone grew incorrectly so that the wrist was at the wrong angle and he couldn't bend his little finger. He underwent painful physiotherapy, to no avail. In Zagreb, surgeons recommended two more operations. After I had completed the Basic DNA course I tried to do some healing on Jan's hand but with no results. Actually, I personally had no faith that it was possible to influence something as solid as a bone. I asked Goran for help and sent him photos and X-rays. Two days later after two Theta treatments (remotely - from Australia!) we were all stunned when Jan started to bend his finger and the joint began to right itself. Photos can prove all of this. Thank you Goran! "

Sanja Plavljanic-Sirola

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