ThetaHealing® Karma Breakthrough

Időtartam: 4 days

Karma Breakthrough was created by Sumant Kant Kahl.  During this seminar, you will learn the secrets about the Law of Karma.  According to the Spiritual Law of Karma, the mindset that we bring into this lifetime is our karma.   Learn about the principals of karma, its effects, and how to manage it from a spiritual perspective.  Karma is the philosophy in which we believe “for every cause there is an effect” or “what comes around goes around.”  In our everyday life we are creating karma, both good and bad, with our thoughts, actions, and feelings.  Karma is the accountability system for our actions.  There are many exercises in Karma Breakthrough leading to the activation of the Prana Kundalini (a spiritual opening and energy transformation) which is shared in this seminar.  When our Kundalini is opened, it leads to a Divine Accumulation of Divine Wealth, Optimal health, and love leading to a wonderful and pleasant family lie.

Karma Breakthrough brings to us an Eastern Perspective on using the ThetaHealing® Technique that was developed here in the West.   Karma Breakthrough is the first in its class at bridging the gap between the Eastern and Western Perspectives, truly allowing all of us to know that we are connected and at oneness.  With this seminar, you can uncover the different aspects and perspectives about your self and release beliefs that are holding you back from achieving an optimal lifestyle while enhancing your future life times with positive karma. 

This seminar was designed by Sumnat Kant Kaul using the ThetaHealing Techniques and became an approved Elective in 2015. 
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