Susana Da Fontoura Zabiela

An Independent Certified Practitioner, Instructor, Master


+971505483414 / (51) 9831 38 388

My Upcoming Classes

Advanced DNA Sao Paulo, São Paulo, SP, SP, Sao Paulo  Brazil Aug 19 - 21, 2022 Tudj meg többet
Basic DNA Sao Paulo , São Paulo, SP , Sao Paulo, São Paulo  Brazil Aug 19 - 21, 2022 Tudj meg többet


Susana Zabiela is genuinely driven by an infinite passion for learning, applying, experiencing, sharing, teaching and contributing with people’s growth.

She loves to go beyond and discover effective internal ways to experience the Divine, reaching elevated levels of Consciousness and Love.

Her believe that teaching requires experiencing, and understanding the process of co-creation and instant transformation, leads her to full dedication and constant studies of the science behind the change, the uncommon, the mystical, making it easy for everyone to understand and apply it.

Science is the Universal Language that unifies everyone who has love for growth, knowledge and a sincere desire to experience the Divine within us and all around us, evolving to the next levels, creating our own reality and falling in Love for Life.

Susana Zabiela é genuinamente motivada por uma paixão infinita por aprender, aplicar, experimentar, compartilhar, ensinar e contribuir com o crescimento das pessoas.
Ela adora ir além e descobrir maneiras internas eficazes de experienciar o Divino, alcançando níveis elevados de Consciência e Amor.
Susana acredita que o ensino exige experimentar e entender a dinâmica de co-criação e transformação instantâneas, levando-a a dedicação total e estudos constantes da ciência por trás da mudança, o incomum, o místico, facilitando a todos a compreensão e aplicação do processo.
A ciência é a linguagem universal que une todos os que amam o crescimento, o conhecimento e que têm um desejo sincero de experimentar o Divino dentro de nós e ao nosso redor, evoluindo para os próximos níveis, criando nossa própria realidade e se apaixonando pela vida.

Extra megbízólevelét

ThetaHealing Master Instructor.
Dr. Joe Dispenza Advanced Student.
NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Trainer.
Time Line Therapy Trainer.
Life Coaching Trainer.
NLP Coaching Trainer.
Breath and Body Work.
EFT - Emotional Freedon Technique.


"Suzanna is an amazing coach and teacher. I am grateful and glad that our paths crossed. Her passion about what she does is contagious! Her teaching and dedication were exemplary! I am looking forward for our second training and the magic and light she shares and transmit. With lots of gratitude and love "

Nancy Sebaali

"Susana was one of the first persons I luckily met when I came to UAE. Very kind and gentle, always keen to help people. Eight years later, I met her again as an experienced thetahealer. Susana shows a vast knowledge of the subject, dedicating her daily life to practicing and helping people who are "chosen" to get into this magical experience and change their lives for the better."

Vanessa Costa
Porto Alegre, Brazil

"One of the best feelings on Earth is when you are able to make the decision to live, embrace and SHOW the world your TRUE SELF. Susana Zabiela Thank you for holding my hand "literally" to cross this road. People, if you need a therapist or just a couple hours that will turn your life upside down in a right direction I highly recommend her."

Reem Lootah
Dubai, UAE

"Susana, my healer, can't thank you enough for being by my side always and for most importantly, bringing me back to life... I love you!"

Maya Haddadin

"Susanna's class was amazing, the energy, the quality of people and how she transfers the information with love and in detail. She is so educated, the wealth of education was. Thank you susana you created an atmosphere of love and connection and I felt that everything you expressed was with love. I have been wanting to do thetha for such a long time and when I meet you I knew your the one who can transfer to me the information the best way possible."

Toni Marie Taherian
Teerã, Iran

"Excelente instrutora, muito competente, com dom pra ensinar! Muito amorosa, transmite todo seu conhecimento com genuinidade, esmiúça os conhecimentos transpassados tornando tudo simples e fácil! Imenso prazer ter conhecido teu trabalho, tua doçura e verdade são inspiradoras! Que o Criador siga te iluminando pra que possa tocar o coração de muitas pessoas em todo o mundo, levando autoconhecimento e conexão com a Fonte Criadora. ⭐✨"

Paola Santetti
Porto Alegre, Brazil

"When I came to you I was in the midst of the black night of the soul. I was still in pain after working so hard on myself, by that time I had achieved a lot in terms of changing limiting beliefs, clearing old negative emotions and increasing my self awareness. Yet there was still something painful lurking in the dark. And with your help it was unlocked. Your unlimited kindness, empathy and professionalism did their magic and I was set free of pain. Ever so grateful for you Susana "

Sharara AlAli
Hims, Syria

"Here is my testimonial - although words can never really represent what impact you have done in my life.. how much you have helped me grow, feel safe and secure.. And accept myself - love you Susana, the universe is so grateful for all that you’ve done and continue doing. Here you go - I was deep within my healing journey and came across Susanna.. I met her in a state of urgency, I called her and was overwhelmed with fear and anxiety, I felt helpless. she was so kind, accommodating and supportive and took me in straight away to start my healing.. Throughout my journey, she helped me break free of my biggest fears, helped me better understand myself.. helped me learn virtues so crucial to succeed in my everyday life! I learned through love, compassion, acceptance and understanding.. it was such a liberating journey.. She was always there.. always took the time and effort to go over and above to show me that she was there and it was ok to feel whatever I felt... I felt safe and secure throughout my healing, I felt so comforted at every point.. the most beautiful part of it all, was that my friends and family were drawn to her after seeing the effect our sessions had on me..Not only did she have a positive impact in my life but on the lives of those so dear to me.."

Deena Baker

"From the first moment I entered the class, so shy and so doubting myself, I came to the most friendly welcome ever. She was so happy and smiling and she gave me a big hug, I felt accepted beyond my belief and for the first time I was grateful for myself taking this step in learning... Susana my beautiful teacher, you have this beautiful caring loving energy which made me feel so special and so important. Your knowledge, guidance and patience deliver the information in a way that made it printed in my mind and made me wanting more. In your own way, you encouraged me to study more and to practice more and more. You have a huge capacity for all my questions and always gave me the answer which served me most. At a point in my practice I became frustrated with myself and was about to give up in everything, when I talked to Susana she told me "I believe in you trust in yourself" and I felt that I matter for someone so important to me, it encouraged me so much to work more on myself.. It’s so liberating changing our belief system and adopt a new healthy ones, the change in ourselves will encourage more people to change and it all benefits everyone because we are all one and we are all connected and when the change happens under the right guidance it’s a complete process. Susana you gave me that right guidance, I am so so grateful for you for every time I heal and for every time I change my reality for the better. You will forever have a very special place in my heart, you’re not only a teacher to me, you’re a very close friend and a soul sister. Thank you from my heat!"

Raghdaa Morad
Zagazig, Egypt

"Years ago I was locked up in my own world until YOU came along and showed me the infinite possibilities life has to offer us. You were patient with me as I was taking my “baby steps” in to becoming who I have always wanted to be. You guided me through dark nights like a star showing me the way, Introduced me to many things I am forever grateful for. Thank you for coming my way. You are “my fairy"."

Rahaf Aity

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