Zsuzsanna Valasik

An Independent Certified Practitioner, Instructor




My Upcoming Classes

You and Your Inner Circle Hungary May 26 - 27, 2022 Tudj meg többet
RHYTHM to a Perfect Weight United States of America Jun 5, 2022 Tudj meg többet
You and Your Inner Circle United States of America Jun 25 - 26, 2022 Tudj meg többet
You and the Creator Hungary Jul 9 - 10, 2022 Tudj meg többet
Soul Mate United States of America Jul 13 - 15, 2022 Tudj meg többet
Manifesting and Abundance United States of America Jul 23 - 24, 2022 Tudj meg többet
Animal Seminar United States of America Aug 21, 2022 Tudj meg többet


I'm originally from Hungary, however I heave lived most of my life abroad; so I speak English and Spanish.
I got familiar with ThetaHealing in 2017 and feel extremely fortunate to have learned this modaity.
I am a Mother of a 18 years old girl a 19 years old boy and a 5 years old Shiba Inu.
My daughter was fighting an eating disorder, my son had anxiety while I was struggeling financially, physically and was single for years.
Today my children are healthy, I am in a harmonious, happy relationship, I am also stable financially and the troubles are in the past; all thanks to ThetaHealing and the inner work I have been able to do.
I decided to dedicate my life to help others to also turn their life around, to deepen their connection to Divine and to recognize their full potential.
I love to witness my clients' and students' lives improving and I can honestly say; that ThetaHealing is the most effective way I have found to change the reality we create.
I am honored and I am very passionate about teaching this amazing method.
My goal is for my students to receive deep healing during the seminars, so I do many group healings and extra downloads.
I hope to meet you soon! 

Extra megbízólevelét

Silva Method
Germanic New Medicine
AccessBars, AccesFaceLift, Access Consciousness 
Phoenix Blessings™ Dark Night of the Soul and PhoenixBlessing guided meditation techniques 


"Thank you so much for your beautiful words and for bringing this class to us. It was truly 2 magical days for me. So much transformation and such an alignment and incredible energy in the group. You’re the best to learn from! It’s so amazing how you use your intuition and allow the class to flow, how you also gave us the chance to set aside topics that were active for us, and for you to help us resolve. I find this very valuable. My mom came home from work around 10pm last night, so she could hear parts of the last 20-30 min. She was so intrigued by it and said that the energy of the seminar uplifted her just by passively observing, and now she seems more curious about theta healing than she’s ever been before! I just wanted to share that with you "


"Thank you so much for an awesome seminar!! I really enjoyed it and learned so much! Thank you for all your demonstrations and the healing work you did for us. It was really amazing! I am grateful to have attended your class! I plan to also attend You and Your Significant Other and thank you so so much for the scholarship! Very grateful!! You're an awesome teacher!"


"Zsuzsanna is truly gifted, warm and powerful healer. She is selfless and session with her has transformed my life. I have never felt that relieved, joyful and connected to myself as after just one session with her. I was struggling for years with my health, low self esteem and I lived in the old trauma energies. I am grateful to all what she does and her pure soul that loves to help others . She is an amazing woman and I highly recommend everyone transforming their lives with Zsuzsanna!! "

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Hold a seminar in your area

I love to travel and I love to teach.
I am willing to travel anywhere to combine these two activities... :)
Please contact me with any request at zsuzsa@zsuzsahealing.com

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